Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't have your disease but......

I have decided to add a new feature called "I don't have your disease/disability but.."
As anyone who has a disability/disease (or loves someone with one) knows, there is no end of advice from dummies and well meaning idiots on how to improve your life.

So let me start off this inaugural post with a recent experience of mine.

One of my doctor friends informed me in the midst of a beer that if I gain more weight, my joints will effectively crumble.
As most people know, telling a woman she has gained weight or really just mentioning the word fat is akin to a death wish. But you know, what would the disabled/sick do without the guiding light of people who know better?

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Japi Verday to me

I celebrated a wonderful birthday with La Osa, Doctor Kansas City, El Cunao, La Sabia and others. The video is of Doctor Kansas City at his best

More to Come

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Finding the energy to workout without a daily serving of cocaine is difficult for the general public no less for people with physical restrictions/disabilities. When just getting out of bed and surviving a 'flare' day is an excruciating battle, the gym seems just as superfluous as themed hat on a shitzu puppy. Many fitness experts suggest that one try to find ways to burn calories throughout their daily routine. I recently began to look around the town where I live in and decided that indeed these experts might be onto something.

Here are some ideas when living in San Fidel

1. Run, skip, wheel or hop along side the bad ass looking cholo and his equally bad ass looking truck blasting the backstreet boys and britney spears

2. Do a jumping jack everytime someone tells you they came here to 'reinvent' themselves

3. Exercise with friends. This works particularly well if you are a person looking for love. Position said friends a key points around the downtown as well as one as a lookout person in the hills. Trade positions as you zero in on the prey.

4. Wear sensible shoes when exercising. Birkenstock with white socks are a popular local option

5. For the gentleman dressed by his wife, San Fidel shops offer a great opportunity for weight bearing activities as you cart the purchases
6. Run dont walk to your next facelift

Love to all,
La Coja