Monday, February 8, 2010

I don't have your disease but......

I have decided to add a new feature called "I don't have your disease/disability but.."
As anyone who has a disability/disease (or loves someone with one) knows, there is no end of advice from dummies and well meaning idiots on how to improve your life.

So let me start off this inaugural post with a recent experience of mine.

One of my doctor friends informed me in the midst of a beer that if I gain more weight, my joints will effectively crumble.
As most people know, telling a woman she has gained weight or really just mentioning the word fat is akin to a death wish. But you know, what would the disabled/sick do without the guiding light of people who know better?


  1. Last year one of my colleagues saw me drinking a diet coke (daily breakfast ritual)and asked if I had read the studies on rheumatoid arthritis and soda drinking. I said, "believe me, if there was a study that you've read, I've read it 100 times already because everyone who thinks they know better has mentioned it. And if I didn't have this caffeine right now, your life would be in danger." Ugh.