Thursday, September 17, 2009

Auto Motel- For Quickies or your Family?

Well Friends....Let's categorize this as my first cultural mistake

Two girlfriends and I went on an overnight trip near here last weekend. We pulled into an auto motel thinking it was cheap, safe and clean. With a name like Auto Motel Santa Noche, you cant go wrong.....right?

The motel keeper, a young man just crossing the bridge of adolescence, greeted us with a greedy smile..We paid him $20, he gave as the keys and directed us to a Wizard of Oz type curtain to which we could park behind. Tired, we stumbled up the stairs to a beautiful, clean room with a giant bed, tv and ...........three huge mirrors, one on all sides and the ceiling. It was not Motel 8.

As Eddie and Adan described to me later, sick from laughing at me , an auto motel is 'un lugar donde llevas a tu pareja en carro, entran y hacen cosas malas pero ricas. Pagas por pasar el ratito'

Or in other words an auto motel is a place for a quickie.

La Coja


  1. Hilarious! My husband and I had a similar experience in our PK days (pre-kid). Nasty no-tell motel with a mirror on the ceiling, hasty retreat. However, ours didn't have a defining name. :)

    Did you live in Kansas for a while? (asking because you graduated from KU). Small world.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been away from the blogosphere and had forgotten that people might even read it. Like anything else, RA definitely creates challenges with having children, but they're all overcomable (is that a word???).

    Hope we keep in touch--I'm looking forward to more of your posts. Love the dry wit. Could you explain, though, for the dimwitted of us: what is your relationship to The Rabbit?

  2. Please ask Eddie and Adan how they would classify the nasty zoo/roach motel we stayed in in Jalisco.