Monday, September 14, 2009

Cast of Characters Part 3

La Mortera and Harry
Sex in the City advice on love, friendship, and death

Ginger and Lola
Good Friends, Traveling Companions and Donkey Enthuses

Eddie and Adan
My buddies. Mexico's answer to Bert and Ernie

La Hermana
My sister who lives in an orphanage not to far from here. I am hoping Brangelina will adopt her
La Psicologa
What I would have liked to have been ten years ago. La Psicologa silently observes from afar.


  1. I'm so glad Lola and I made it onto your blog with the Marvelous King of Sales :) Just remember, he may be on my team but he's Lola's cousin.

  2. Hooraaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I just happened upon this when i clicked the "lola" link on your crips posting. what, no ifoe?

    anyway, me and cousin julio are proud to take part in this venture. if you ask nice, he'll even give you a coupon for 30% off your charmin.