Monday, September 14, 2009

Carlos and I

Mr Carlos Slim and I are apparently not getting along

* For those of you who dont know of Mr. Slim here is a wikipedia entry about him.

Mr. Slim owns the cell phone monopoly in Mexico and in my opinion makes the process of getting a Mexican cell phone like getting stuff covered by your HMO. According to official rules and reasoning, one must now register with passport number/birth certificate .However, La Sabia and the Rabbit have advised me not to play Mr. Slim's game. If the phone gets stolen and used for extortion, it would be under my name. However this dilemma is solved and I am now happily again texting pendejadas.

La Coja


  1. oooh, those engenieros civiles. soooo sneaky.

  2. Hey. You mentioned KU SPED as a comment on my blog. I'm new to blogging so thought I'd drop you a note here. Sounds like you are making it happen in Mexico. I'll look forward to hearing about the adventure.